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Check out all of our free crochet patterns.



(A different crochet stitch and/or tip featured in each issue...
to be added later to the Crochet Basics page)



For any project that requires a foundation row of all half double crochets you can use Foundation Half Double Crochets. In other words, instead of making a series of chain stitches and then working a half double crochet into each chain you work a series of FHDC stitches.

To begin a Foundation Half Double Crochet row, Chain 3.

Yarn over
Insert hook into the third chain from the hook
yarn over and draw a loop through (3 lps on hook)
chain 1 (3 lps still on hook)
yarn over and draw through all three loops to finish the foundation half double crochet.
Yarn over
Insert hook into last chain made,
yarn over and draw a loop through. (3 lps on hook)
Chain 1. (3 lps still on hook)
Yarn over and draw through all three loops to finish the foundation half double crochet.

Repeat from the asterisk * for as many stitches as you need for your project.


Watch the video:







Keep a small pocket calendar in your project bag.
Each time you finish a project, enter the project name on the date you finished it.
It will amaze you to look back at how much you accomplish over the course of a year.




Do you have a Crochet Tip you'd like to see here?

Email me!



NOTE: Any comments left on the CNM website or sent via email may be posted here.


RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page


RE: Free Crochet Pattern: Granny Square Dish Soap Dress

Granny Square Dish Soap Dress


<< Comments >>


I made 1 and my son was tickled-"leave it to Mom to "dress up" the soap bottle"!

Mary Lynn


RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

Crochet Tip:
When you find a crochet pattern online that you like it's a good idea to add a bookmark to the web page in order to locate it again in the future. Keep in mind that websites come and go continuously and you may find that a pattern you bookmarked has disappeared. When possible, go ahead and print that pattern. If you do not have a printer you can use a printer service at your local library.


<< Comments >>

i copy and paste to notepad on my computer and save all my crochet patterns in a folder.

Deb Dacus


Save paper and only print the pattern when you need it. If it's a pattern that you can't just download because it doesn't have a download you can still make a copy of it. Most tablets have the facility to convert a web page to a PDF which you can save or if on a computer copy/screenshot (whatever works for you) and paste into a word document, then save as PDF. I save mine on a memory stick for quick access but also back up every month on to a DVD, for saftey. But PLEASE be mindful of copyright and respect the designers rights & give all due credit to them.

Donna Wearne


i clip the webpage to evernote.. cause as you say webpages come and go. several other clippers exist - one note etc. but there's no wasted paper and i can access or notate the pattern from any device, phone, tablet, computer.

Mary Lou Riley



RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page


RE: Free Crochet Pattern: Hearts Around Coaster

Hearts Around Coaster Free Crochet Pattern


<< Comments >>

Very Cute!!!! Thank you!!!!
Carol Rivera- Stive



RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page


Crochet Tip:

You can add a button hole in a project by making chains and skipping stitches along the row where you want the button hole.


<< Comments >>

A couple double croche (dc) might work too. You can insert the button between them. I’ve used half-double (hdc) for baby projects. You might have to adjust the pattern slightly for that row.

Annette Thivierge


RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

RE: Free Crochet Pattern: Basketweave Afghan Square

Basketweave Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern


<< Comments >>


A favorite pattern of mine.

Frances Adams


Email us your crochet questions and/or ideas... you might see yours here.


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See more styles at


This book is a wonderful addition to any crochet library.
I've had numerous requests over the years of what to crochet for boys.
Crobots are definitely the answer!
This 96-page book is filled with numerous types of Crobot patterns as well as well-illustrated instructions for the crochet stitches, assembly stitches and other embellishments used in the patterns. The patterns are well written, some of the book is written in a small font but the pictures are wonderful.

NOTE: This book comes to you with a safety warning regarding the small parts used in the patterns. Therefore, please use your own discretion as to the age of the child you intend the gift for.





Get your copy of Diane England's
"Cute Crochet for Kids" :




I have to tell you about this new book.'s Fabulous & Flirty Crochet
I'm so happy to have it in my crochet library.

Katherine Lee has an eye for style and a definite knack for creating beautiful crochet patterns.
I was really happy with the large colorful project photos.
There's something for everyone!
The aspect of Fabulous and Flirty Crochet that stood out to me was the section on the yarns used in the patterns.
One page shows "actual size" photos of the yarns which makes it super easy to substitute other yarns if you want to.
For those who stay strictly to the recommended yarn in a pattern Katherine has included a yarn resource list.
The projects are very fashionable and perfect for gift giving... though I'm sure you'll have to make something for yourself :o)
I can't wait to try the Flirty Skirt and the Ruffled Strap Tank.

Get your copy of Fabulous & Flirty Crochet today!




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A young child was having a physical examination before entering school. The doctor asked him,
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"Sure," answered the boy, "They always get in my way when I take off my T-shirt."



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"Don't jump!" the pilot called out. "This thing is supposed to float!"

As the man leapt from the helicopter into the lake, he yelled back, "Yeah, and it's supposed to fly too!"



The Sunday School teacher was describing how Lot 's wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt, when little Jason interrupted, 'My Mommy looked back once while she was driving,' he announced triumphantly, 'and she turned into a telephone pole!'


Little Johnnie was bothered with a question that he had to ask his Sunday School teacher.

"Miss Davis, are there any animals in heaven?"

"I'm not sure Johnny, answered the teacher, The Bible doesn't say anything about animals in heaven."

"Oh, there's got to be animals in heaven", insisted Johnny.

"What makes you think so?" says the teacher.

"Well....every time there's a thunderstorm, my father says it's raining cats and dogs!"


One summer evening during a violent thunderstorm a mother was tucking her small boy into bed. She was about to turn off the light when he asked with a tremor in his voice, "Mommy, will you sleep with me tonight?"

The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug. "I can't, Dear," she said, "I have to sleep with your daddy."

A long silence was broken at last by his shaky little voice: "The big sissy."








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