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Volume VIII, Issue No. 6
March 30, 2005

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Dear Subscriber:

So many of you have requested our Dog Sweater pattern in a smaller size.
Linda Fleisch down-sized my pattern to fit her chihuahua, Binky, who weighs
approximately 4 pounds.

Click here for Linda's version of the pattern.

Lisa and Tim


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This quote is from Our Daily Bread - March, 2005 Issue.

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(A different crochet stitch and/or tip featured in each issue...
to be added later to the Crochet Basics page)

Hi, Thank you so much for these explainations. I have practiced many stitches and do not have a problem learning the stitches but reading the pattern is a bit perplexing. The "Decrease" has me a bit confused. Can you expand on this please. Thank you, Donna~

DECREASING (changing two or more stitches into one stitch)

Decreasing may be referred to as "crocheting the next two (or more) stitches together"
or "decreasing over the next two (or more) stitches".

Here are instructions for several decrease stitches.



There are several variations of decrease stitches. Decreasing can be done by one of two methods...
1) skipping stitches
2) do two or more stitches within one step of completion then draw through all loops on hook:



a/k/a sc2tog

Insert hook in next st, draw up a lp, (two lps on hk), insert hook in next
st, draw up a lp (3 lps on hook), YO and draw through all 3 lps.

See photo illustrations here:



a/k/a hdc2tog

Work a hdc in the next stitch without completing the very last step (keep all three loops on hook) , then hdc in the next stitch without completing the last step. You should have 5 loops on the hook then yarn over and draw through all the loops. Decrease made.

See illustrations and video here:



a/k/a dc2tog

Work a dc in the next stitch without completing the very last step (leave
the last two loops on the hook), then dc in the next stitch without
completing the last step. You should have three loops on the hook then yarn
over and draw through all the loops. Decrease made.


a/k/a tr2tog

Work a treble in the next stitch (without completing the last step) Work a treble in the next stitch (without completing the last step) Now yarn over and draw through all loops on the hook.





SINGLE CROCHET (click here for instructions)

HALF DOUBLE CROCHET (click here for instructions)

DOUBLE CROCHET (click here for instructions)

TRIPLE CROCHET (click here for instructions)




Foundation row and last row of an afghan aren't the same length.


I have been crocheting for many years, and have won blue ribbons at the county fair for my work. I have always, however, had a problem with the afghans not coming out square,and don't know how to solve it. The stitch count the same throughout, but the beginning rows are always wider than the ending rows. I have heard that you should "Block" your work, but have never been able to find instructions on how to do this, and don't know if that will help. What are your suggestions? I thank you in advance for your help. Debi M

<< ANSWER >>

Hi Debi:

I never block afghans but many crocheters do.

You can steam block afghan squares by placing a cloth over the square and steaming it with an iron. Do not press it... just work with the steam and then let the square lay flat until it cools. Be sure to use a cloth between the iron and the finished piece and be extra careful if you decide to block "acrylic" yarn items as it could melt if overheated. Some people block by just steaming over the piece without actually touching the iron to the project but if you decide to actually press the iron onto your project I suggest testing a scrap swatch first.
You can find more information about blocking on the following pages:

Here's a page that explains blocking:

If your stitch count is correct then your tension is to blame.
If your foundation row is always narrower than your last row, try beginning your afghan with a larger hook size and then changing to a smaller size later on. Since your foundation row is always wider you should begin with a smaller hook and change to a larger one.



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Hi' The cutie's name is Mickey.
She is a pom which gets a hair cut each spring when it warms up.
My mom is making her your cute sweaters for the cold snap till summer!

Here is a pic of Mickey & Pongo in their sweaters. Thanks,


* Mickey & Pongo *


RE: Dog Sweater

Thank you for a wonderful pattern for my first crochet project. I made the sweater for my mini poodle mix, so I did use the alterations. The pattern was easy to follow and since it only incorporated beginning stitches, I was able to concentrate on the pattern. The sweater is a success!!

Thank you again, Ronda

RE: Table Runner

I've started your table runner pattern in Aunt Lydia's denim cotton yarn in yellow.
I'm making it for my kitchen table and it looks great on my table.
Thanks so much!!! : ) Linda

RE: Christmas Button Choker

Hello, I used the some extra chenille yarn I had left from a project not knowing what to do with it. I saw your pattern for the chenille choker and I made two chokers for two coworkers and they loved it. It worked up very fast and I used an antique button and it was fabulous!!! Thank you for sharing your patterns with us. Keep up the good work. God Bless, Christine

RE: Scarf/Afghan

Hi! I figured it out. I first wrote you about this dilemma when making this scarf. The last row of this pattern ending doesn't match the first row, making the scarf look off balance. I know you mentioned about the chain stitch, and you were right. But the important factor...A smaller crochet hook when doing the last row(I used a G 6-4.25mm) It made a big difference. Thought you could use this information to enhance your website. Great hearing from you. Talk to ya soon.

Corrine Dayon

Re: charities

Hi, I would love to donate baby items, but I can't find any here in Pennsylvania.
Could you help me.
Thank you kathie

<< reply >>

Hi Kathie:
Warming Families has chapters all over the US.

Here's another charity in Pennsylvania:

Afghans for Angels - Pennsylvania
PO Box 71 Cooperstown,
PA 16317

Re: crochet site

I just wanted to thank you for this site!! I was given a book and some crochet needles for Christmas because I had said that I wanted to learn ... it didn't take long before I gave up and decided to stick to my counted cross-stitch projects!! Anyway, I just found your site maybe an hour ago, and already I understand things the crochet book didn't explain well and I've started my first project!! Thanks again, finding your site was a real blessing for me!! Sincerely (and gratefully!) ~Jillian

Re: Fashion_Doll_Apron and New found interest

Hi! My name is Pattie and I would like to tell you that it was a pleasure to see the doll patterns on this site. At one time, I made my own fabric doll ensemble kits and furniture. This totally revitalized my desire to restart my passion again with doll clothes and attempt to design outfits from my old fabric patterns from the past. Thanks for your time and allowing me to share my triggered excitement. Sincerely, Pattie Jansen

Hi i have a question and I hope that you can help me I found a cool pattern that I would like to try but there are a couple of abbreviations that I have no idea what they mean or how to do them. They are yrh and divisible if you can help me I would be greatful. Sincerely, Jennifer

<< Reply >>

Hi Jennifer:
To be honest, I had never seen the abbreviation "yrh" until now. But I believe that is the same as "yo" which stands for "yarn over". The following site:

shows that the UK lists a yarn over as "yoh or yrh".
Keep in mind that US and UK pattern stitches are different. You can read more about these differences on this page:
(just over half way down the page)

Divisible is a term used when making a foundation chain. If your pattern says to make your foundation chain divisible by 4 then your foundation chain could be 8 chains, 12 chains, 16 chains, 20 chains, etc. Some patterns will say a "multiple of" which means the same thing.
Hope this helps.

Re: Stitch Question


Do you have Lacy Doily instructions/directions in diagram not text?
Thank you, J.D.

<< reply >>

I'm sorry but I do not have any symbol crochet patterns on my website.

RE: Suggestion/Question

HI Lisa, I have the hardest time with your website. I have dial-up and it takes at least 4, if not 5, minutes to load because of all the graphics and movement on your homepage. I have yet to find the link for this month's newsletter, so even though I read what is in the email when I get to your site I am just look around cuz it is very confusing. I am not computer illiterate and have always considered myself quite resourceful when it comes to sites. I just thought I would let you know about this and hope that you can understand where I am coming from. Thanks, Becky Merrill

<< reply >>

Hi Becky:

I'm on dial up also... so I do know what you mean.
I haven't noticed my pages timing out or anything though.

The current newsletter is never listed on my website anywhere.
The link comes in the subscriber email. After the newest issue is sent out the prior issue is then added to the Newsletter Archive which is here:

The current issue of the newsletter is here:

My newsletters are very large so keep in mind if a graphic fails to load you can right click and choose "show picture" to see what is there.


good morning
as always thoroughly enjoyed the news letter
i have a question--where can i find out about doing a graph afghan using sc and changing colors--i thought i might give this a try
thank you pearl in wv

<< reply >>

Dear Pearl:

So glad you enjoyed this issue. Try this page:
for info on graphs and charts. Drop me a line if you have further questions.

Thank you so much for your help. I was able to get through it with your help and finish the square. Patterns are coming some easier, until I come across that kind of "double" talk. I really appreciate your taking the time to explain it. Thank You again. God Bless You Always Melanie

Re: question

Hello! What a great website. I am just learning to crochet and really enjoy it. I am wondering about the patterns when it says "ch in space indicated". What the heck do they mean "space indicated"? There is no photo and I have no idea what space they think they are indicating. Thank you, Mary Williams

<< reply >>

Dear Mary:

When a pattern refers to a "space" it means you work into the little hole below the actual stitch.
For example,
"dc in next ch-2 sp "
means you work one double crochet into the space or hole below the next 2 chains on the previous row.
Hope this helps.

RE: Bible Cover Pattern

I just wanted to let you know that I recently used your Bible cover pattern to crochet a Bible cover as a gift for a family member. As a further embellishment, I bought a small plastic cross at a craft store and sewed it onto the front of the cover. This added just the finishing touch. Thank you for creating such a beautiful pattern. Jamie Compasio

Thank you for a wonderful newsletter, I missed you very much when you were having your problems, welcome back please don't go away again. Melanie

Re: Thinking of You

Just thinking of you as I was researching a few new yarns. Hope you and your family are well and your website is flourishing. Trying out some new yarns, and although I haven't strayed far from 'my favorite scarf pattern (which I found on your site), I am attempting to be 'creative' and create my own style. I thank you for the energy on your website. I wouldn't be writing this if there wasn't any. GOD BLESS! Email me and say Hi anytime. Corinne Dayon



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