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Crochet N More

Volume XVII, Issue No. 10
May 30, 2014

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RE: afghan

I am doing a ripple stich afghan and is for a small size. when I get done with this one I want to make the larger size but don't understand what I need to do. the size that I am currently doing is a 42 x 84 I want to make a double/queen. the one I am doing now you 9sc 3sc in next chain 9sc skip 2. the pattern for the larger size says to make it twice as wide (20 ripples) and half as long maybe an extra 100 rows. so my question is do I do 18sc 6sc in next chain 18sc and skip 4 or do I follow the same instructions and chain 309 because this fist pattern says to chain 209 thanks ahead of time for any help you can give me because I am a beginner in crochet don't know a lot of stiches accept single and double crochet.

Lori Fuller,


If you like the current size of the ripples then keep working each ripple with 9sc.
Making each ripple with 18sc would each ripple twice as tall as well as twice as wide.

In order to increase the afghan size you need to see how many stitches are used for each ripple (mountain, peak and valley).
In other words, if the pattern uses...
9 sc to go up the mountain
3 sc in one stitch for the peak
9 sc back down the mountain
then skip 2 stitches for the valley

you would need:
9 + 1 + 9 + 2 = 21 chains to complete one ripple repeat

A standard Queen size is 60" x 80".

If one ripple repeat measures 5 inches wide then you would need a total of 12 ripples to measure 60 inches wide.
60 divided by 5 = 12 ripple repeats
each ripple repeat needs 21 chains
12 ripples x 21 chains = 252 chains
Now you need to add one chain (the height of one single crochet) in order to begin the pattern.
So your total number of chains needed for your foundation chain is 253.

To adjust the length just keep on crocheting until the afghan measures 80" long.

Lisa Hamblin





Subject: Re: Baby flip flops or sandals

My friend asked to make these adorable flip flops....I do not know whose pattern they are or where she got
the pi ture from....I have been searching 5 days now...can anyone help me finding a pattern ? Even
something close would be greatly appreciated. Be blessed. I'm new to this blog I don't see where I can
attach a photo.....

Denise Hebert


I sent you a private message about emailing me the photo.
In the meantime, you can find a list of flip flop patterns here:

Lisa Hamblin, CNM/MBA





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(a/k/a Spike Stitch)

Insert hook in indicated stitch,
yo, draw a loop through (2 loops on hook),
yo, draw through both loops on the hook.

A Long Single Crochet Stitch is worked the same as a regular single crochet stitch, except... it is worked in a stitch on a row below the normal working row.


























"On-line encyclopedia of knitting and crochet facts"



All Free Crochet

Take a look:



Every crocheter's tension is different.
Your tension determines how your stitches look.
To ensure even tension of your stitches always hold the hook and yarn the same way.
It doesn't matter which way you decide to hold the hook and yarn as long as it is comfortable for you. And as always, practice makes perfect!










Scrap Yarn Ideas ... do you have number 90?


The following page is compilation of uses for scrap yarns:

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Re: Suggestion/Question

What does (ch1)(tr ch1 tr)in ch space 6 times mean


<< Reply >>

When an instruction is in parentheses it will be repeated as instructed directly after the ending parenthesis.
Chain 1 in parentheses without an instruction directly after is should just mean to chain 1.
Not sure the reason the designer put that alone in parentheses.\

The next set of parentheses ask you to make a treble crochet, one chain and another treble crochet in the next chain space for a total of 6 times.

this means you will do this:

treble crochet, one chain and another treble crochet in the next chain space (that’s one time)

treble crochet, one chain and another treble crochet in the same chain space (that’s two times)

treble crochet, one chain and another treble crochet in the same chain space (that’s three times)

treble crochet, one chain and another treble crochet in the same chain space (that’s four times)

treble crochet, one chain and another treble crochet in the same chain space (that’s five times)

treble crochet, one chain and another treble crochet in the same chain space (that’s six times)



Re: Suggestion/Question

I am making a Double Ruffle Granny Baby Afghan and I don’t understand how to do the second ruffle. The pattern says “Join Pink in the unworked lp of any st on R33 (at the base of the first ruffle).
I know lp means loop. Does this mean to work in a chain stich? If so, do I start with the white ruffle at the top of the afghan or do I start with the white ruffle at the bottom of the afghan.
Do you have a tutorial where I can see how to do it?
I would appreciate you getting back to me as soon as you can.
Thanks, Lisa

<< Reply >>

The first ruffle is all worked in the Back Loops Only.
The second ruffle is worked in the Front Loops (the unworked loops) from that same round.
Hold the edge away from you and work into those unworked loops to complete the second ruffle.

Here’s a video showing how to make a double ruffle (this one uses different stitches but is the same idea):


RE: Message on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

ok i have a question what is DcDec2tog and how do you do it?
i'm new at this

Rebecca Jeffers

<< Comments >>

DcDec2tog stands for Double Crochet Decrease 2 Together.
This means you will make two double crochets become one.

Work a dc in the next stitch without completing the very last step (leave the last two loops on the hook),
then dc in the next stitch without completing the last step.
You should have three loops on the hook then yarn over and draw through all the loops.
Decrease made.

Here's a video tutorial for this stitch:




RE: Message on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

Re: Guest Post: Repeat Crafter Me — Owl Granny Square Pattern - Petals to Picots


<< Comments >>

You are awesome

Dianne Wright


Thank you so much Dianne... I try to share patterns I think everyone might like.
This one is not my design however.



Re: Help

I have some directions that say*skip 2 stitches, (sc,2dc) in next stitch.
What do the parenthesis mean? Do a sc and 2 dc in next stitch or 2 dc in next sc?

<< Reply >>

When an instruction is in parentheses you will do everything inside parentheses according to what is just after it.
For your instruction you have an asterisk as well as parentheses.
An asterisk is used when a designer wants to have you repeat a certain set of instructions... keep in mind that will be mentioned again later in your pattern.

So you need to skip 2 stitches... then work a single crochet and two double crochet stitches all in the next stitch.



Thank you Lisa! Those are pretty! God bless. Emmy


Re: Baby ABC Blanket

Here's the completed project :).

Baby's ABCs Afghan View Photo

Baby's ABCs Afghan View Photo

Thank you so much for your encouragement!
I absolutely love the final result.



Subject: Help Please

Hi Lisa,
First of all thank you for your website. I have learned so much; however, I did see you said if anyone needed help to email you.

I downloaded an afghan pattern from It's called Sassy Sunflower Afghan. I want to do a memory afghan for my sister-in-law. My brother passed away recently and his favorite flower was the Sunflower.

I am not a beginner, but recently picked up crochet again after no doing it for so many years. I usually can figure out a pattern but this has me really bummed out. I am at Rnd 5: Beg cl; *ch 5, cl over next 4 sts; rep from * around, ending ch5: with green sl st to top of beg cl with green-12 petals. Fasten off gold.

I hadn't done the cluster stitch before. The first petal was easy and it was beautiful to see how the cluster created this petal. But the ending stitch is at the top of the cluster. How do I repeat the next ch5 and clusters around the brown center? I have searched and searched on the internet and cannot figure out how to get from the tip of the petal back to the center to chain 5 again. It doesn't say to fasten off and if I take the top of the petal and start a new chain of 5 stitches, it just brings the petal bending toward the side. There must be something missing here.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could look up this pattern and help me break it down as all the other sunflower afghans weren't as pretty as this one was. It is probably a very simple answer and I just can't see it.

I look forward to searching more patterns from your website and help me with this pattern.

Thank you,
Janie McManious

<< Reply >>

> I hadn't done the cluster stitch before.
> The first petal was easy and it was beautiful to see how the cluster created this petal.
> But the ending stitch is at the top of the cluster.

For Round 5 you work a Beg Cl (beginning cluster):
Ch 4 (counts as tr), holding back last lp of each st on hook, tr in next 3 sts, yo and draw through all 4 lps on hook.

Now make 5 chains
Then work a Cl (cluster):
Holding back last lp of each st on hook, tr in next 4 sts, yo and draw through all 5 lps on hook.

Now you repeat the instructions from the asterisk all the way around and end by making 5 more chains.
Now you use green and slip stitch to the top of the beginning cluster.
This just means you are changing colors where this round joins at the top of the cluster... just insert the hook into the top of the cluster
and draw the green through the cluster and the chain stitch on your hook.
You should have 12 petals when you finish Round 5.

> How do I repeat the next ch5 and clusters around the brown center?
Rounds 4 and 5 are the gold part of the sunflower which includes all the petals for that motif.

> I have searched and searched on the internet and cannot figure out how to get from the tip of the petal back to the center to chain 5 again.
> It doesn't say to fasten off and if I take the top of the petal and start a new chain of 5 stitches, it just brings the petal bending toward the side. There must be something missing here.

You don’t have to do more petals for the current square... Round 6 begins the green border around the actual sunflower.

For Round 6, you have already joined the green yarn at the top of the cluster on Round 5
now you work one slip stitch in the first chain 5 space.
Now chain 1.
Work 6 single crochets in that chain 5 space (into the hole beneath the chains)
Work 6 single crochets in each of the remaining chain 5 spaces around.
You should have 72 singles when finished... not join with a slip stitch in the first single crochet you made.

Round 7 says you work in each stitch around... meaning one stitch in each stitch.
Begin with a chain 4 which will count as one treble crochet.
Work a double crochet in the next stitch.
Work a half double crochet in the next stitch.
single crochet in the next 12 stitches
half double crochet in the next stitch
double crochet in the next stitch
treble crochet in the next stitch
chain 4
treble crochet in the next stitch
double crochet in the next stitch
half double crochet in the next stitch

now repeat from the asterisk * around... ending the last repeat at the double asterisk **.
Slip stitch in the top of the beginning chain 4 and fasten off.


Re: Bead Stitch Hotpad

Do you a video demonstration of the crochet bead hotpad stitch?
I have the instructions from your web site, but I would like to see it done on a video.
Thank you,
Barbara Whittaker

<< Reply >>

Not at this time... but I will definitely add that to the list of video ideas.
Thank you!


Via the Crochetnmore YouTube Channel

RE: How to Crochet: Mom Bookmark Tutorial - Part 1 (Rows 1-8)



<< Comments >>

Can you do the puff stitches in different colors?

Tena Helms


Yes, you can. A viewer just sent in a photo of an afghan done with the puffs in a different color.
I will be including it in today's issue of the CNM Newsletter.







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