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Crochet N More

Volume XV, Issue No. 14
July 30, 2012

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RE: Substituting yarn

For my whole life I looked forward to my retirement, when I could just sit around and do needlework all day. It's not quite that easy, but I do have a lot more time to crochet now. I dug out my very favorite patterns from the 70's and 80's that I've been saving and discovered that most of the yarns needed for those patterns have been discontinued! They didn't even list yarn weights, as we do now (3, 4, 4, 5 (chunky) etc.) Can anybody tell me what yarn to use for a pattern calling for Unger's "Fluffy"? And how about Bernat "Cool Crochet" light worsted weight yarn? Is there a book or key guide that I can buy that might guide me?

Betty Brown





If your pattern is for a wearable and a gauge is listed in the pattern you can audition various yarns by making a gauge swatch for comparison. If the pattern isn't a wearable... maybe an afghan... then choose a yarn you like and go for it.

You can actually purchase limited amounts of Unger's Fluffy yarn online.
According to this page:
the Fluffy yarn is 5 stitches per inch... making it a worsted weight yarn.
Therefore, any yarn that will yield 5 stitches per inch should be a good subsitution.

I read online that Bernat Cool Crochet yarn is a light worsted weight... this page offers ideas for yarns to use instead.


Lisa Hamblin













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Psalm 25:17-20

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Psalm 55:22


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The following patterns will be added to our Free Patterns soon.


Aligned Shells Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern



Oval Granny Doily Crochet Pattern






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None at this time.






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(A different crochet stitch and/or tip featured in each issue...
to be added later to the Crochet Basics page)

TREBLE CROCHET (a/k/a Triple Crochet) (TR or TC)

Yarn over twice, then insert your hook into the stitch or space indicated.

Yarn over and pull up a loop. (4 loops on hook.)
Yarn over and draw through 2 loops. (3 loops on hook.)
Yarn over and draw through 2 loops. (2 loops on hook.)
Yarn over and draw through two loops.

Watch the video:

















"On-line encyclopedia of knitting and crochet facts"



All Free Crochet

Take a look:


Add texture to a pattern by incorporating stitches of various heights. For example, include treble crochet stitches within a pattern that calls for all single crochet stitches by alternating the two stitches.











Scrap Yarn Ideas ... do you have number 90?


The following page is compilation of uses for scrap yarns:

If you have a use that's not listed email me!


NOTE: Any comments left on the CNM website or sent via email may be posted here.

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Subject: summer lacy scarf

I love your pattern and I've watched the video. I'm fairly new to crocheting so it's still a challenge to me sometimes. As I work this scarf it seems to be getting wider like I'm gaining a stitch or doing something else wrong. I thought I was doing everything right. Do you have any clues to what could be causing this? I thank you for all your help!!

<< reply >>

Do the edges of your scarf look like the close up photo on the pattern page:

Can you send me a close-up photo of your scarf?

I loved Oval Granny Afghan Square you did I just have to print it up now.


Re: Need a unique baby crochet pattern

Does anyone know where I can get a crochet pattern for a baby diaper cover that looks like a lions tail end and hat that looks like a lion head?? I have a Niece who wants me to crochet one and I have not seen such a pattern. If you have one or know where I can get one I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!! Love-Barb

<< reply >>

You can purchase a similar pattern here:

No errors but I am hoping for help, my grandaughter wants a blanket for a new young Jacob, and loves the half treble stitch, I am fine on the stitch but the increases on corners cause me problems, can you help please, Kind regards Dorothy

<< reply >>

In order to turn corners for any afghan that is worked in rounds
you need to add extra stitches in the corners. Normally, three
stitches in the corner will keep the afghan square.

Keep in mind, if your afghan tends to curl up toward you instead of
lying flat when you finish a corner... go back to the corner and add another
stitch or two. If the afghan tends to ruffle... you’ve added too many

A friend of mine is collecting items to make up kits to give to mothers of stillborn children. One of the items she needs is little hats. I have agreed to make a few and found that this pattern worked quite well with some slight adjustments. (ie : smaller yarn and hook and less rounds ) Would you mind if I shared this pattern with a few others?

<< reply >>

You have my permission to print copies of the Baby Beanie pattern
from my website to give to others. Printing the pattern page “as is” allows
the recipient access (website address is on the page) to the pattern
in order for them to print more copies if needed.

You may also share the URL to the page via email or a link on a website:

Thank you so much for asking.


RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page



You have put this up just in time lol!!!
Was wanting a way to put some initials on a baby blanket!!
Andrea Reynolds


Wonderful... feel free to post a photo.

RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page


Lois Karklus' Purple Purse


This is really cute!
Carla J Baker
That is beautiful!
Emmy Prewitt
thanks Carla and Emmy
Lois East Karklus
I can't find the pattern on your blog anywhere... :(
Phoebe Agundis
Sorry Phoebe Agundis... that isn't one of my designs.
Is there any way to get the pattern?
Barbara Spencer
Sandy Asti
thanks everybody - the pattern is at
~ Dly's Hooks and Yarns ~: ~ denim granny bag ~
Lois East Karklus


Re: Paw Print Afghan

Hi there!
Love this pattern. Cant quite figure out how you change the colors out. Do you have a video? or can you explain it to me? cut and cast off? leave open?
Thank you,

Karen Maierle

<< reply >>

I do not cut the yarn until the end of the pattern.
I carry the unused color along as I go
Color changes for this pattern are worked in the same way
as for my Row Count Purple Heart Coaster pattern:

Just click that link to go to the pattern page, then scroll down
and watch the videos.

Subject: ReadAPattern

How do I do the follwoing:
1sc ch4 make 1sc around the first sc on the parenthesis on the previous round,
repeat from * till end of round

Thank you
Pat Feeser

<< reply >>

>>> 1sc ch4

This means you work one single crochet
(presumably in the next stitch since this instruction doesn’t specify)
then chain 4

>>> make 1sc around the first sc

This sounds like a single crochet post stitch but the instruction doesn’t mention whether to work it as a “front post” or a “back post”. You might try working 1 single crochet front post stitch around the first single crochet of the previous round.

>>> on the parenthesis on the previous round,

I’ve never seen “on the parenthesis on the previous round” written in a pattern but I’m guessing the designer wants you to work the front post single crochet stitch around the first single crochet within each repeated group of stitches on the previous round.

>>> repeat from * till end of round

Repeat from the asterisk until the round ends.

Is this pattern online?


Guestbook Comment:

Comments: Just downloaded your newest patterns.
Noticed though that the Oval Granny Style Doily is actually name Oval Granny Afghan Square on the pattern. This tital might be a bit puzzling for some newer crocheters since it is really a doily.

I do plan on crocheting this pattern.

Recently I noticed an interesting thing about sosme of your wonderful patterns. Some of them have followed the age of your daughter as she grew up.

Keep up the good work. I love your patterns.

Janet Ford

<< reply >>

Thank you for signing my guestbook and letting me know I had the title to the Oval Granny Doily incorrect. I have corrected the title on the pattern page.

Yes, you are correct. I’ve been designing and posting patterns on my site since 1998.
My daughter was born in 1997 and she is pictured in several of my pattern photos.

Is this magazine I subscribed for free?


<< reply >>

Yes, the Crochet N More Newsletter is a free subscription.


Subject: Table_Runner

I have your pattern for a crochet table runner. my question is this I would like to make it using crochet cotton thread. But would like to know what size steel hook I should use. also the hump that you mention is that the back strand of the chain?

thank you.

<< reply >>

Yes, the hump of the chain is the back ridge of the chain.

There are different sizes of cotton thread available.
For a worsted weight cotton you can use the same hook called for in the pattern.
If you prefer bedspread weight, size 10, cotton thread I believe it would look best
if you work with two strands at once using a size 0 steel hook.

Keep in mind that changing hook and yarn size will alter the actual size of the
finished pattern.


Subject: question on crochet instructions

I'm learning to crochet and have enjoyed your web page and instructions and tips. I started a project and ran into some instructions I don't understand, could you help me?

Rnd 4: sl st in first ch sp, beg shell (see special stitches) in same ch sp, ch 2, sk next ch sp, (shell (see special stitches) in next ch sp, ch 2, sk next ch sp) around, join in 4th ch of beg ch-4.

Special stitches:
beginning shell (beg shell): ch 4, (tr, ch 2, 2 tr) in same place.

Shell: (2 tr, ch 2, 2 tr) in place indicated.

<< reply >>

For Round 4 you do the following:
slip stitch in the first chain space [ into the hole beneath the chain(s) ]
chain 4, work one treble crochet, chain 2, and 2 more treble crochets all in the same chain space.
chain 2
skip the next chain space

work 2 treble crochet, chain 2, and 2 more treble crochets in the next chain space
chain 2
skip the next chain space
repeat the instructions between the last set of parentheses over and over all the way around.
Join with a slip stitch in the 4th chain of the beginning chain 4.


Re: Ribbed_Edge_Granny_Baby_Afghan

Hello Lisa...
I'm confused on this pattern....
How many stitches do you chain to begin with?
What is the finished size of the blanket.
Thank you !

May the good Lord bless you and keep you...
♥ Martha

<< reply >>

This afghan begins with 4 chains:

R1: Ch4, (work all of the following sts in the 4th ch from the hook)
2dc * Ch1, 3dc.
Rep from * twice more.
Ch1. Join with sl st in top of beg ch4.

This afghan is newborn size but the size can be adjusted.

Subject: Stitch_Question

in this pattern is the yarn carried across or different ball used it the butterfly

<< reply >>

For the Row Count Butterfly Afghan Square pattern on this page:
The unused color is carried along until it is needed again.

RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

Crochet Tip: Use old bed sheets to make beautiful rag rugs.


this rug is lovely...hmmm and I have a large stash of sheet...what a great if I can just find that S size Wooden crochet hook. What a great project. Thanks for sharing.
Gr Gran Young

Re: Ashley's Baby Afghan

I just wanted to thank you for the free pattern for Ashley's Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern. I've only crocheted a few things and it was years ago. I found these directions very easy. I changed the colors and design a bit, but I wanted to show you what I created with your pattern.

Ashley's Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

Thanks again.
Marilyn Sullivan


Via the Crochetnmore YouTube Channel


love your channel!!

<< reply >>

Thanks tosha723.


Thank you for your videos! They are perfect, quick to watch and easy to follow! Can you make more videos showing how to do intricate stitches, like some variation of the shell stitch, for example?

<< reply >>

You're welcome 7snowflake77. I'm glad you enjoy the videos.
I will keep your suggestions in mind for future videos.



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After a tense silence, the first one said, "Really, now, if
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"Here's a copy of the service," he said impatiently. "But, you'll have to think of something to play after I make the announcement about the finances."
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