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Crochet N More

Volume XVIII, Issue No. 21
November 15, 2015

Serving approximately 7,000 crafters...


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Thank you for requesting the Crochet 'N' More Newsletter.
We hope to provide you with exciting information on the latest web developments pertaining to the Crochet 'N' More website as well as two of my original patterns in each issue.

My husband wrote a book about
'The Incident"
that happened with his Dad.
If you don't believe in miracles,
read this, it will change your mind!

The Incident - Tim Hamblin

The Incident


Christian Thriller


12 Guardians Books 1-3 by Tim Hamblin

Epic battle of good vs. evil.
12 Guardians Books 1-3,
now available as an
ebook and paperback.





God Bless You!





Post your crochet question on
The Crochet 'N' More Message Board

and you might see it here!


Please join me in prayer for Lori.


RE: kindle books

Dear Lisa my coworker was the one that told me about your website and I signed up for your emails and get the patterns that you send twice a month I love them have tried some and the instructions you gave me to make a bigger ripple stitch afghan was spot on just wanted to let you know that I just bought all 4 of the kindle crochet books and look forward to doing some of them as well also the videos you have posted on how to do some of the things is excellent so I don't have a question this is just a comment I love your website and the fact that it is a Christian website I am deeply humbled and have answered the quizzes for fun I might not know all the answers but I do know some I have been saved since I was 13 I have back slid so many times as I have right now have not been to church in a while so please say a prayer for me to get back into church keep the Christian post coming I need all the encouragement I can get right now as I have been to 6 funerals this year so I have lost my way right now. God bless you and your husband
Lori F

<< Reply >>

Hi Lori:

Please thank your coworker for me and thank you so much for purchasing the kindle books. I appreciate you sharing your comments via the message board. I will be including your note in today's issue of the newsletter. We have a praying crochet family! When my Father In Law had an accident at his home in October of 2014, I asked my crochet family for prayer... God turned his accident into his testimony. Hubby wrote a book about "The Incident" which was a faith journey for our entire family.

My Father In Law has a few sayings we live by:

1) You can let situations make you bitter OR make you better.
2) With God all things are possible.
3) Keep looking UP!

"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst."
Matthew 18:20

Lisa Hamblin CNM/MBA




“Peace begins with a smile.”
~~ Mother Teresa ~~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~





Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord. Who is the man who desires life, and loves length of days that he may see good? Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking deceit. Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

Psalm 34:11-14

"There is no peace for the wicked," says the Lord.

Isaiah 48:22

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

Matthew 5:9

Judas (not Iscariot) said to Him, "Lord, what then has happened that You are going to disclose Yourself to us, and not to the world?" Jesus answered and said to him, "If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him, and make Our abode with him. He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine, but the Father's who sent Me. These things I have spoken to you, while abiding with you. But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you. Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful. You heard that I said to you, 'I go away, and I will come to you.' If you loved Me, you would have rejoiced, because I go to the Father; for the Father is greater than I. And now I have told you before it comes to pass, that when it comes to pass, you may believe. I will not speak much more with you, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me; but that the world may know that I love the Father, and as the Father gave Me commanement, even so I do. Arise, let us go from here.

John 14:22-31

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice! Let your forbearing spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute. If there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things. The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things; and the God of peace shall be with you.

Philippians 4:4-9



Complete the Beatitude:
Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the ___________ of ___________.




Click Here to Purchase
"The Complete Book of Bible Trivia"

Click here for more Bible Trivia

The following patterns will be added to our Free Patterns soon.


Row Count Boo Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern


Pink Ribbon EOS Cozy Free Crochet Pattern












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None at this time.




However, these patterns will be added to the
Crochet 'N' More website after the next issue is sent out.

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(A different crochet stitch and/or tip featured in each issue...
to be added later to the Crochet Basics page)


FASTEN OFF (No standard abbreviation)


Once you complete your last stitch on a project you will have one loop on your hook.
Cut the yarn leaving about a 4-6" tail to be woven in.
Yarn over, draw the yarn tail completely through the loop, and pull it tight.
This secures the yarn so the project doesn't unravel.
Now you need to weave in the yarn tail using a crochet hook or a yarn needle.
The yarn needle is quicker and you can weave the strand in without disturbing the stitches.

Click here for YouTube Video












"On-line encyclopedia of knitting and crochet facts"





Ongoing charity project!

When you finish a project and have a small amount of yarn left over. Go ahead and make a granny square. If the amount is very little, use it for only the first round of the square and then add other colors for subsequent rounds. Collect squares until you have enough and assemble them into an afghan.









Scrap Yarn Ideas ... do you have number 90?


The following page is compilation of uses for scrap yarns:

If you have a use that's not listed email me!


NOTE: Any comments left on the CNM website or sent via email may be posted here.

Leave your message in our guestbook... and it may appear in an issue of the CNM Newsletter!

Re: Emma's_Baby_Booties

I love the look of this bootie! They look very similar to booties my late grandma would make. I’ve had a hard time finding any that look like hers. My struggle is understanding patterns. I understand yours up until round 12. Would you consider doing a video?

Also it appears that your booties have a small hole close to the toe, where my grandma’s did not.

<< Reply >>

Thank you Angelique.
I will add that to my list of future video ideas.

The Heel is worked in short rows... you begin Row 1 with the right side of the bootie facing you and work into the back loops only. Reattach the yarn in the center stitch on the right side of the sole... this is 7 stitches back from the point where you fastened off. Then you work a single crochet in each stitch around the the same point on the opposite side which should be 19 single crochet stitches.

The next rows are worked over those 19 stitches.

The ruffled part along the top edge of the bootie is formed during R7 of the HEEL.

For R5 on the Toe you make 4 chains, then turn and slip stitch in the same stitch. (this makes a little loop). Now chain 3 and slip stitch in the other end of the same round (on the opposite side of the bootie). That forms a little hole on the top of the toe. Now chain 4 and slip stitch in the same stitch. (this makes another little loop on that side).

The heel and toe of this bootie are not joined until the Finishing section.
The ribbon is weaved through the holes on R5 of the Heel and the ch4 loops
on each side of the toe then drawn up and tied in a bow.
This joins them.


Via the Crochetnmore YouTube Channel

RE: How to Crochet - Long Single Crochet (a/k/a Single Crochet Spike Stitch)



<< Comments >>

Thank you for an incredibly clear and concise tutorial on this stitch.
I was completely baffled until I found your video!

Peggy Pettis



Via the Crochetnmore YouTube Channel

RE: How to Crochet - Double Ruffled Edge

 << Comments >>

I'm making a dress for my dog, and this ruffle seems like the perfect way to end the project.
Thanks so much for the video!


Via the Crochetnmore YouTube Channel

RE: How to Crochet - Granny Square Tutorial: Part 3 (Join new yarn color)


<< Comments >>

Just wondering what you find is the best and neatest way to get rid of the red tail. Thank you :)

Eimear Higgins

<< reply >>

The best way to weave in any yarn tail is to thread it into a yarn needle and sew it back into the stitches of that color.


RE: please help

I am a beginner crochet and I would very much like to crochet this afghan pattern but I am stuck on this one line of instructions...This is the beginning of the second row...Ch 1 turn, working in back loops only pull up a loop in first 2 sc.....I am confused on pull up a loop in first 2 sc....I do know what ch 1 means in working in back loop but the pull up a loop in first 2 sc confuses me....Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail and helping me....Chris

<< Reply >>

To pull up a loop just means you insert the hook into the stitch, then yarn over and pull the yarn through that stitch (a/k/a, pull up a loop). Now do that again in the next stitch.



Hi, great page!

l'm struggling with a particular instruction and would gratefully appreciate your help! Here it is;

21 chain (counts as 1st dc) , 1dc into same stitch, 2 dc into each dc, slip stitch to join ring. (12 sts).

It's the first part that I don't understand. This is a poppy pattern. Thank you for your time and effort to help a new crocheter out.

Sherrill Huffey


<< Reply >>

Thanks Sherrill.
This pattern instruction seems incorrect at the beginning.
21 chains cannot count as 1dc.
Is the pattern online?



RE: Can Cozy crochet

Hi Lisa,

I have begun crocheting your CAN COZY and have hit a snag on RND 4, where it says "Sc dec". I am not sure what the "dec" means; please clarify for me. Thanks! And thanks for sharing your patterns.


<< Reply >>

You’re very welcome Ruth.

Dec is the abbreviation for decrease.

A Single Crochet Decrease is worked as follows:

Insert hook in next stitch, draw up a loop, (two loops on hook), insert hook in next stitch, draw up a loop (3 loops on hook), Yarn Over and draw through all 3 loops.

You can watch a video demonstration here:

Hope this helps.


RE: Paw Print Afghan


I had been looking for a paw print crochet pattern and came across yours.

I would like to know how you did the paw print in the orchid. Do you tye off and cut?

I tried doing this is white with black paw print. I did not tye off but tried to work the black color into but I am having trouble with it showing through. I am fairly new to crocheting, as you can probably tell :)

Any help would be appreciated.


Joyce Rock

<< Reply >>

The paw print is added as you crochet alternating the colors as needed.

Our video for the Row Count Purple Heart Coaster pattern shows how I
do color changes:

Color changes are the same in all of my row count patterns.
I never cut a color until I finish with it.
I carry the unused color along the top of the stitches to the point where I will need it again for
the next row, then drop it so I can pick it up on the way back.


Re: Crocheting +1

Hello, I'm Erica Barclay and I've been teaching myself to crochet by trial an error. I've actually been doing fairly well, I fell across your site and was so excited. I never knew what the terms in the book meant, thanks to you it has cleared that up. I do have a question on the whole adding a stitch. I am trying to figure out if you add a stitch after every multiple or if it's just one stitch once you're finished. (For example: 22+1 , would I make 22stitches then add one make 22 more and add one, or would I go to 176 stitches and add one at the end?) thank you so much for your help I can't wait to hear from you!! Thanks again!
Very respectfully,
Erica N. Barclay

<< Reply >>

Some patterns contain information that help you adjust the overall pattern size. When a pattern states a "multiple of" X+Y (i.e. Multiple of 22+1), the X is the actual number of stitches required for a pattern repeat. Y is the number of stitches you need to add to help you begin the row/round while keeping the correct number for each repeat.

In the above case, make your foundation chain any multiple of 22 (22, 44, 66, 88, 110, 132, 154, 176, etc) and then add 1 additional stitch before you continue with the first row/round.
So your foundation chain should be 23, 45, 67, 89, 111, 133, 155, 177, etc.

Hope this helps.

PS: Thank you for your service!


Re: Lemondrop dress

I decided to crochet a dress for my baby.i selected a pattern.but i dont to read the pattern...please tell the following pattern in plain english..

Najma Majeed

<< Reply >>

Pattern designers write in a special language using abbreviations in order to keep patterns as short as possible.
Crocheting clothing is quite a undertaking if you aren’t familiar with this pattern language. Even though this pattern says it’s an easy pattern... it isn’t. When multiple sizes and numerous specialty stitches are involved I would rate it as a Difficult or Expert pattern.

Take a look at our Crochet Basics page:
it contains a compilation of crochet terms and stitch instructions.

Before you to make this pattern, I suggest making notes:

1) Go through the pattern and write down each stitch abbreviation, then look on the basics page to learn about each of the stitches, writing down the stitch name and how to make each one. If one isn’t listed email me.
2) Write out the instructions for each specialty stitch (index cards come in really handy here)
3) Highlight the pattern language for the size you want to make. When you see a number followed by other numbers in parentheses, those are listed for different sizes. Be sure to highlight the correct size each time.
4) Write out each part of the pattern separately for your size, substituting the abbreviated terms with the actual stitch names.

Once you have the pattern “written out” it’s time to crochet!






Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.
                                   Mother Teresa


The information provided below is strictly for your enjoyment.



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The Incident - True story about how God works

This is about my Father In Law, James Hamblin.
We asked for and received prayer from many of our crochet family after his accident and during his recovery process. For those who do not know, James fell in October causing multiple injuries which took months to overcome. He is home now and doing well.

This is his story!
If you don't believe in miracles,
read this, it will change your mind!


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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Laughter is an instant vacation." - Milton Berle
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Humor provides us with a valuable tool for
maintaining an inner strength in the midst
of outer turmoil. - Brian Deery




When my youngest son was 3 years old, he sat in my lap at Church. (We had a guest speaker this particular Sunday.)
The guest speaker was in the middle of a very loud sermon when he bent over the podium and started yelling "God is
eternal," "God is eternal," while banging his fist for emphasis.

My son looked very serious for a moment and then as young children do, he exclaimed very loudly, "Momma I didn't know
God was a turtle."

Needless to say, he had 3 rows of pews cracking up in the middle of the poor speaker's sermon.


As a new grandmother, I am very protective of my daughter Meredith's baby girl. One cool afternoon I dropped by to see my grandchild. Meredith and a friend had taken little Allison for a walk in her stroller and were just coming up the street. As soon as they reached me, I bent down to admire Allison and, in my fussiest voice, remarked, "Your little head is cold. You should have a hat on."

My daughter looked knowingly at her friend and said, "You owe me ten bucks."


Torrential rainstorms were knocking down power lines all
over town.
That meant, as a customer service rep for the electric
company, I was dispatching repairmen right and left.

When one lineman called a customer to get her exact address,
he was told, "I'm at Post Office Box 99."

The weary lineman replied, "Ma'am, I'll be coming to you
in a truck, not an envelope."



I took my 5 year old grandson to the optometrist
to pick up his new glasses. The glasses were
prescribed "to help him read and be able to see
the computer better".
When we got back home, he got on the computer to
play a game.
In a few minutes he called me and said there was
something wrong with his glasses.
I asked him what was the problem and he said,
"I still can't read."


Henry Ford was once asked why, when problems arose,
he typically visited his executives on their own
turf rather than calling them into his office.

"To save time," Ford explained. "I've found that I
can leave the other fellow's office a lot quicker
than I can get him to leave mine."


I figured that at age seven it was inevitable for my
son to begin having doubts about Santa Claus.

Sure enough, one day he said, "Mom, I know something
about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth

Taking a deep breath, I asked him, "What is that?"

He replied, "They're all nocturnal."


Sunday school children were asked to draw their rendition of the Christmas story.

Most of the kids drew manger scenes to include the shepherds, angels, the star, the baby Jesus in the manger as would be expected. Little Jimmy proudly showed his picture of a jetliner. There were 4 distinct faces looking out the windows.

When the Sunday school teacher asked Jimmy to explain the drawing, he said it was the "flight out of Egypt." He pointed to the one face and said "that is Joseph," another face was Mary, the little face of course was Jesus.

The teacher asked him who is the face in the front of the plane. Jimmy replied, "It's Pontius, the pilot, of course."


The evening of my 41st birthday, my eight-year-old daughter,
Catherine, said a special prayer for me.

She began: "Dear God, please bless Mommy. She's had a birthday
and is getting really old."

Beside me, my husband was shaking with suppressed laughter
until she continued: "And please bless Daddy, too. He's also
at that difficult age."



Five-year-old Christine, an only child, spent the day playing next door with two girls who were sisters.
When Christine came home, she told her parents Emily and Samuel,
"I want a baby sister so bad. Please can I get one?"
Her parents looked at each other and laughed.
Emily said, "A sister would be fun."
"But if we have another baby it could be a boy," added Samuel.
Christine thought a moment and said,
"Never mind. It isn't worth the risk."


A man took his son fishing one day. After a few hours in the boat with not much to do, the son started asking his father some questions.
"How does the boat float?" he asked.

The man thought about the question for a moment, then said,
"I don't really know, son."

"Well, how do fish breath underwater?"

The man scratched his head. "I guess I don't know the answer to that one either."

"Why is the sky blue?" the boy persisted.

The father replied, "I really don't know, son."

The boy started to worry that his father was getting upset at all the questions.
"Do you mind me asking questions, Dad?"

His father immediately reassured him.
"No, of course not, son! If you don't ask questions, you'll never learn anything!"


In our town's elementary school at the beginning of the year, the school secretary
routinely collects the lunch money from the new kindergartners. This solves the problem
of lost money. But for nervous 5-year-olds, it took a few days to understand what was happening.

For two days, the secretary would come into the room and ask in a loud voice, "Does
anybody have any lunch money for me?" Her question was met with no response.

On the third day, one little boy came in at the bell, walked hesitantly to the teacher's desk, held out his hand and whispered,
"Here is lunch money from my piggy bank for the poor lady nobody gives money to."

Grandparents - as Defined by Grandchildren

~ Grandparents are a lady and a man who have no little
children of her own. They like other people's.

~ A grandfather is a man grandmother.

~ Grandparents don't have to do anything except be there
when we come to see them. They are so old they shouldn't
play hard or run. It is good if they drive us to the store
and have lots of quarters for us.

~ They don't say, "Hurry up."

~ Usually grandmothers are fat, but not too fat to tie your

~ They wear glasses and funny underwear.

~ Grandparents don't have to be smart.

~ Everybody should try to have a grandmother, especially
if you don't have television, because they are the only
grown-ups who like to spend time with us.

~ They know we should have snack-time before bedtime.

~ They kiss us even when we've acted bad.










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