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The following page includes photos and tips on joining motifs:

You can use one of the following ways to join the motifs (be
sure to keep corresponding stitches on each motif aligned):


This method is easy and gives a very distinguished edge around the motifs.

NOTE: When you hold two motifs together you will see 4 free loops on the
edge, to join with singles you will be working only in the "outter loops",
(the one in the front and the one in the back).

Now, holding two motifs together, remembering to work only in the loops in
front and back (this leaves the middle two loops free), join the yarn in the
corresponding stitches in one corner. Now complete single crochet stitch in
the same corner. Working in the same fashion, join the outter loops of each
corresponding stitch with a single crochet stitch.

To give the piece a nice look you can fold the motifs the other way and
stitch that side also.

NOTE: This method can also be done by laying the motifs side by side and
joining the two loops facing you. When you join this way you can give the
piece a very nice look by flipping the piece over and repeating the
procedure on the opposite side.



Join squares with single crochet through outer loops on both sides to make fabric reversible:

Join squares with single crochet through inner loops:




Join with single crochet and chain stitches:

Join with single crochet and chain stitches and what to do at the intersections:

Lay two motifs side by side and join the yarn in one corner on one of them.
Now you need to make the decision of what type of stitch you want to use to
join them. I like to use a single crochet. So once you join your yarn in
the corner do a single in the same stitch, then make a chain of 2 or 3 (not
sure how 5 chains would look) and then do a sc in the corresponding stitch
on the opposite motif. From there on chain the same number as before and
work a single on the opposite motif until two motifs are joined. Now decide
from there which way you want to go. It's been a while since I did my last
square afghan but I believe I worked around one square, joining new squares
as I went and then joined the spaces that were left. (You may need to add
extra stitches in the corners) Your idea of working in a row sounds easier.
I usually try to stay away from motifs :o)

Here's a similar method of joining motifs by crocheting them together.
Place two square motifs side by side and join in a corner stitch on one
motif, do a slip stitch, then chain one and do a slip stitch in the
corresponding stitch on the other motif. Continue doing a slip stitch, chain
1, back and forth between the motifs. (You may need to add extra stitches
in the corners)

You can find directions on how to join motifs by sewing here (just go to the bottom of the page):

Crochet Cabana explains numerous joining methods here:

Here are videos on how to do a Flat Braid Joining Method:


Always leave a 3-6" yarn tail when you cut the yarn so you have
enough yarn to weave back into your project... this will help tremendously.

I usually thread the yarn tail into a tapestry (plastic canvas) needle and
sew the strand back into the work. I sew in one direction for about 2
inches and then I sew back in the same direction. This helps the yarn not
pull loose.

The following video shows you how to weave ends with a yarn needle:


Even with the best weaving technique some yarn tails will unravel at times.
It's best to launder the finished product on a gentle setting also as the
aggitating action of the washing machine can work the ends loose.


Join squares using the whip stitch:

For stitch abbreviations and instructions please visit our Crochet Basics page:
Please email me for information on stitches that are not included on that page.

Want to see more Crochet Videos?
Check out the Crochet N More YouTube Channel:




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