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This pattern courtesy of Crochet 'N' More
Click below to learn more about CNM:
Copyright, November 14, 2011
Tisa Enterprises, All Rights Reserved

To print a new copy visit:


Juleeann's Cape Crochet Pattern

Neck Edge =22"
10-1/2" from neck edge to bottom edge

The following pattern is my original design.
Please only copy or print this pattern for personal use.
Please contact me if you find any errors.


Bernat Baby Coordinates (Approximately 5oz Pink)
Hook Size H
Yarn Needle
2- 1" Black Buttons
Black Sewing Thread
Sewing Needle

Stitches: ch, dc, sc, fpsc, fpdc, bpdc, fptr, bptr.

Difficulty: MEDIUM

R1: Ch60. Sc in the hump of the 2nd ch from the hook.
Sc in the hump of ea rem ch. (59sc) [Neck Edge]

R2: Ch3, turn (counts as 1dc). Dc in ea sc across. (59dc)

R3: Ch1, turn. Scfp around 1st dc, ch2 (counts as a fpdc).
Bpdc around next dc. (Fpdc around next dc. Bpdc around next dc.) across. (59sts) -RS-

R4: Ch3, turn. Dc in same st. Fptr around next fpdc.
(2dc in next Bpdc. Fptr around next fpdc) across to last st.
2dc in last st. (89sts)

R5: Ch3, turn (counts as 1dc)
Dc in next st. *Dc in next post st. Bptr around same post st. Dc in same post st.
Dc in next 2sts. Rep from * across. (147sts)

R6: Ch3, turn. Dc in next 2dc. Fptr around next post st. *Dc in next 4dc. Fptr around next post st. Rep from * across to last 3sts. Dc in last 3sts. (147sts)

R7: Ch3, turn. Dc in ea dc. Bptr around ea post st. (147sts)

R8: Ch3, turn. Dc in ea dc. Fptr around ea post st. (147sts)

R9: Rep R7.

R10: Rep R8.

R11: Rep R7.

Do not fasten off.


R1: Rep R8, working across the first 30sts only.

Rs2-6: Alternate R7 and R8 keeping in pattern.

Fasten off.

(worked in the 30 sts on the opposite end of R11)

With Neck Edge toward you, reattach yarn in the 30 st from the opposite edge.

R1: Rep R8.

Rs2-6: Alternate R7 & R8 keeping in pattern.

Fasten off.


With Neck Edge towrad you, reattach yarn in the 3rd unworked st on R11 (to the left of LEFT FRONT).

Rs1-6: Keeping in pattern, Rep R8, then alternate R7 & R8.


BOTTOM (joining row)

R1: With RS facing (the ridge of post stitches are facing you), reattach yarn in the first st.
Keep in pattern on the LEFT FRONT. Ch2, keep in pattern on BACK. Ch2, keep in pattern on RIGHT FRONT.

R2: Ch3, turn. Keep in pattern across previous row, placing 1dc in ea ch st bet sections.

R3: Ch3, turn. Keep in pattern across.

Fasten off.


Join yarn in the first unworked lp of the 2sts at the bottom of one arm hole. Sc in those 2sts.
Work 2sc around the post of ea dc on ea row end, sc in ea of the 2sts at the top of the arm hole, 2sc around the post of ea dc on ea row end down the opposite side. Join with a sl st and fasten off.
Rep for other arm hole.


Using the photo for reference, sew buttons on using the black thread. Buttons will fit between any 2sts on R2, which makes the cape adjustable.




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For stitch abbreviations and instructions please visit our Crochet Basics page:
Please email me for information on stitches that are not included on that page.



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