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Viewers have submitted uses for their yarn scraps.
If you know of other uses for scrap yarns email me.


There are numerous uses for scrap pieces of yarn:

1. Multiple strands of novelty yarn can be used for package ties.

2. Make small motifs to use when making larger projects.

3. Use a contrasting color yarn as a stitch marker.

4. Give kids a small ball of yarn and teach them to finger crochet (see above)

5. Let small children use scraps to decorate their art work.

6. Tie short pieces of yarn to a hair band for a cute matching hairbow.

7. Use short pieces of yarn to tie quilts.

8. After doing several inches of chain stitch, it can be used to tie up plants.

9. Yarn can be couched over on quilts to give a "ribbed" texture.
Enjoy your newsletters, Dixie

10. I use my scrap yarn to make a ripple afghan to donate to a homeless shelter.
I also want to mention that I enjoy your newsletter, I have learned a lots. Lois

11. Hi, I'm sure I have more uses for scrap yarn, but the one that comes to mind is to tie plants, indoor or outside, to stakes. Leave a long length at one end, wrap the plant stem around once and then fasten both ends around the stake and tie. By wrapping the yarn around the plant stem without tying it to the stem, it gives room for the stem to grow and the yarn is soft enough that it won't cut into the stem. Outside they will usually last all summer even with the heat and rain. If you like you could use a double piece of yarn, but wrap it as suggested in the first part of the article. Outside it doesn't really matter what color the yarn is, but in the house I try to match the color of the yarn to the color of the plant stems. I've been doing this for yeard. Good luck and hope this idea will help someone else. Sincerely, Chris Woodworth

12. I read in a book about birds that if you put scrap yarn into a mesh bag, along with hair from your hairbrush (please, no lint from your dryer), hang the bag from a tree, the birds will come and pull pieces out for building their nests. You'll get the enjoyment of watching them and they'll get some great, warm nesting material. S. Rutland North Pole, Alaska

Subject: Uses_For_Scrap_Yarn
Lisa, Number 12 should be removed.
If you've heard that it's a great idea to put yarn and thread clippings into a mesh bag and hang it from a tree for birds to use as nesting material, it's not! Birds have much more sensitive respiratory systems than most other animals, and tiny fibers can be inhaled and cause damage - which could even be fatal. Do not leave yarn or thread where birds can get hold of it. When I mentioned this to our vet, who is also an avian vet, she visibly shuddered and said doing this causes more harm than good because not only can the fibers get in the respiratory system, baby birds will eat anything and the fibers can get entangled and actually cut up their insides and be a horrible way to die. Hugs, Janie Holley

13. Hi Lisa I was at the fair awhile back and they were taking scraps of yarn and making what they called a Joseph's afghan. You know like Joseph's coat of many colors How they were making the afghan was you take and make a chain as long as you want it then just take a color and sc in it or I suppose your favorite stitch and it was turing out really pretty. You could use any size of ball of yarn to make they then just grab a another color keep going with the same stitch until you have it as big as you want. I bet it was be really warm also Hugs Froggie aka Norma

14. I make curtain tiebacks with scrap yarn. With four strands of worsted held together (various colors) and a size P hook, I make a couple of rows of single crochet leaving approximately 8 inch tails at each end. A single knot holds the ends in place. Another use I have for scrap yarn is to practice new knit or crochet stitches. Jean, St. Petersburg, FL.

15. Scrap yarn is wonderful to make PET afghans with......they get cool also.....These afghans can be taken to the Vet when boarding pets and a piece of home goes with the pets for their boarding cages or pens.....biggrannymini

16. Greetings! Another use for scrap yarn is to collect it, tying all the scraps together until you have enough to make a sweater. leave the loose ends intact, and when the sweater is complete, you have a reversible sweater!
Angela Greco

17. How about a tube afghan. You make a chain a little more than twice the width that you would like your afghan to be. Carefully join the chain, then just crochet in your favorite stitch in rounds. You can plan your colors if you have lots of scraps or just add colors as you finish projects. You can also use less chains and make pet mats for the shelter. The joy of this project is that if you use knots, all the knots are inside. Yahoo
Jeanne Whipple

18. Another scrap idea is to get or make a spool knitter for the kids or yourself, to do some spool knitting. Jeanne Whipple

19. Stuff things, like toys. Cindi from TN

20. Take an empty coffee can. Wrap different colors of yarn around in layers. Put dirt and a housepant inside. Sit in window ledge. The yarn holds warmth in from the cold. The roots of the plant will not freeze in the winter. We also made macrame type hangars, and would hang the coffee-can planter with plant to hang up higher where the heat rises. Diane Ralph Mitchell

21. Take a "Pringles" or other potato chip can, wrap with any yarn, glue if desired then paste embroidered appliques to make a pretty scene. Store pencils, pens, small scissors, etc. Diane Ralph Mitchell

22. In spring time throw some scraps of yarn out for the birds to build their nests. Bunnyfran

23.  This is what I learned years ago from my Mother.Take left over yarn,from previous project.Tie together. Roll into a ball.Then when {anytime} size you want to work on, crochet a chain, then roll into ball. Now knit a rug, perfect for the bathroom. Will be nice and heavy,thick and warm. Hope you can follow my instructions. God Bless You I am a Christian
Louise Bodnar

We have numbers 24-27 thanks to Jenny from East Tennessee

24. I used most of my scrap yarn and made a multi-colored Granny Square Afghan. After I got all of the squares finished...I went around every square with Black. Then joined them with black. It really turned out to be one of the most beautiful afghans I ever made. All of my family thought it was so beautiful...I had to make one for my Mother-in-law, my sister and my Momma to. LOL Also...try using white or any color you want to go around the squares. Everybody should try one like this...they really are gorgeous.
Jenny From East Tennessee

25. Scrap yarn is very good to make a solid square or circle with a single type of stitch. Then make another one and sew or crochet them together. It makes a great pot holder or hot pad.
Jenny From East Tennessee

26. If you have a couple of big scraps left over from a project...find or make up a pattern for your teens cell phone. As thin as the phones are wouldn't take much. Make the front one color and the back another.
Jenny From East Tennessee

27. Crochet a circle with cotton thread or yarn. This makes a good coaster.
The ones that I have made...I make 2 circles and sew or crochet them together. It absorbs more.
Jenny From East Tennessee

28. I use scrap yarn to make flowers (no stem or leaves) to attach to a baby afghan, either here and there or as a grouping in one corner, attached tightly. I also will put one flower on a baby hat. So cute!
God Bless, Sue

29. I save my scrap yarn for craft projects for our kindergarten Sunday school class. My husband and I have used for:

Paper bag puppet hair or faces
Hangers for ornaments
To string necklaces
Sewing cards (make any shape out of posterboard and punch holes around the edges, take a long piece of string and tape or glue the end to make it not ravel, then have the kids sew in and out of the holes.)

Also, leftover novelty yarn is great for scrapbooking or card making. The eyelash yarn makes a cute fuzzy frame around pictures. I cut a long skinny piece of cardboard and made notches down both sides. Then I wrap some of the extra yarn around the cardboard, and keep it with my scrapbook supplies. Each time I get a new kind of novelty yarn, I add it to another notch on the cardboard. Carrie Mitchell

30. Roll up your yarn into balls and donate them to a local Nursing Home for residents to knit or crochet with. It is soothing for the residents plus they like to keep what they make. Bless you all Linda

31. I keep a see thru jar next to me whenever I crochet. All the little snips of yarn left over after weaving in the ends are put in there. I never can find a marker when I need one, so I reach for my jar. I have all the colors of the rainbow to choose from and I don't feel quilty by throwing away good yarn. Rita Hughett

32. I keep all of my scrap yarn and stuff any shape that I care to make including square boxes made from plastic canvas They make good pin cushions if you don't cut the ends of the plastic canvas closely. This way they cling to the arm of an upholstered chair. Dot Brown

33. Hi Lisa! I've been a fan of your website for about 5 years! I've got some great gift pattern ideas from your site. I have a scrap yarn idea if you need another. I am always misplacing my hair scrunchies so I use some of my scrap yarn to make the scrunchies with the pattern I found on your site. You can also make extras to give to friends! Thanks again for your site! God bless--Malena

34. I have found a useful way to store scrap yarn. Toilet tissue and paper towel cores are great for this purpose. I cut a slit in the end and insert the beginning end of the yarn. Wrap the yarn around the core and cut another slit in the other end to anchor the yarn. I keep all these rolls of scrap yarn in a large plastic container. Jean Woodard

35. To use my scrap yarns ( I have a large collection), I cover plastic clothes hangers, either the dress or suit, using a double strand which makes for a nicely padded cover and a colorful one. My simple pattern for the hanger covers. It is a strip 1-1/4 inches wide by 30 inches for a suit hanger and about 12 inches for the dress hanger crocheted with a double strand of yarn in the back loop only of single crochet stitch using a size "J" hook. Stretch slightly while stitching on to the hanger.
Blessings to you, Evangeline, Glendale, CA

36. I make crocheted collars for my cat, as he was always losing bought ones outside and would come home without them. That gets expensive when they are about $5. each. So I thought I would crochet him collars, it's a lot cheaper! He still comes home occasionally without the collar, but I can just put a new one on him. And neighbours always comment on his colorful collars! I use worsted weight acrylic yarn with some stretch in it, so if he gets caught on something, it would stretch enough for him to get out. I make a chain of about 30 stitches (measure your cat's neck with 2 of your fingers under it for room). Then slip stitch into a circle. Then I half-double crochet in each stitch around, slip stitch last and first stitches together. Fasten off.
Hope you like this idea! Linda Poole

37. I make never-ending afghans with scrapes, I also make pickums afghans. That is making afghans with the end hanging out and they go to nursing homes for the people to have and they can pick at the ends. This is satisfing to some. Karen Showers

38. A use for scrap yarn is to make caps for babies and children in colorful colors and donate to charity. I double crochet a rectangle in back stitch only so it is stretchy (size according to age (about 9" by 12" for baby to 11" by 18" for adult, or any size inbetween ), sew up short sides, run yarn around top and gather to close. I put a small pompom on top to cover small hole. You can turn up botton to make rim if you like. I donated 50 of these scrap caps to homeless shelter last year. Baby caps take about 2 oz of yarn and adult about 4 oz of yarn. I make some of them in stripes using different color yarn. I have also made similar chemo caps making them only about 7" by 18" using very some yarn. Ginger in Ohio

39. My cousin was receiving chemo for colon cancer and her skin was really sensative so I made her a wash cloth out of very soft cotton yarn. I used size H hook and made a chain of about 22 stitches and double croched it until I got it the size I wanted. When she received it she said it was the softest and most conforting cloth she had used.
Lynn from Colorado

40. I have actually used yarn to make tie-backs for my summer curtains. Saved me from purchasing some plain ones for those sheers. Cynthia Tenney

41. I give short scraps to my kids to play cooking with, they mix them up and come with the coolest recipes with them! Keep in touch...Mary

42. We also give them to the birds in the spring to use in their nests (I only give them natural fibers no synthetics. Keep in touch...Mary

43. I have been making cat toys/bookmarks from scraps.
Make a chain about ten inches long then 3dc into each stitch until it is as long as you want the curl to be.
Cats just love them or use as a bookmark. Shirley Manion

44. I take scraps and crochet them into cat toys, doesn't matter the shape just a round ball is fine, I stuff , and then take more scraps, attach to ball, make a chain and slip stitch to another part of the shape, this creates alot of added texture and allows for my cat to bite the chains and carry his toy around easier. Also leaving the ends unwoven allows for more fun on the toys (just make sure it's not incredibly fluffy or yarn easily shredded or your furbaby may get some in it's mouth.)
Kari Holtz

45. I also try to save a bag of different scraps to donate to our local girl scout troop. They use them for crafts and for making scrunchies etc. (I usually print off some easy crochet stitch instructions and patterns for those as well).
Kari Holtz

46. I have been making cat toys/bookmarks from scraps. Make a chain about ten inches long then 3dc into each stitch until it is as long as you want the curl to be. Cats just love them or use as a bookmark.
Shirley Manion

47. Hi, I use scrap yarns to cochet or knit lacy borders for knitted or crocheted sweaters, if they are a bit short or you want them a bit longer, it also makes them rather attractive. You crochet or knit the border to the length you need to go round the bottom and or sleeves and then, either stictch or crochet the lace to the sweater. It works with either home made sweaters or with shop bought ones. Best wishe from Joan from England UK

48. Here's an idea my 7 yr old granddaughter thot of. I had so many small balls of yarn left over, as many do. I've made quite a few scrap lapghans, baby blankets, etc with them, I was tired of doing yet another one. She thot of putting them on a picture frame. She loves to make chains out of the varigated colors. I had bought a few of the inexpensive wooden frames and let the kids paint em. Then they all made chains and trailed em loosely, curly, etc over each and around the frames and made bows, circles and whatever on the bottom, top, corners, etc. glueing em to the frames. They turned out just too cute. That's an idea you might like to share. ** Patty **

49. If I have long enough pieces, I use them for replacement strings for my blinds and light pull chains, I usually chain the length I want it. Donna from Yonkers, NY

50. I make 12 inch granny squares and have sent them to charitable orgranizations so they can stitch them together as afghans to give to those in nursing homes or those in hospice. I crocheted caps for children in the homeless shelter. Some are multi-colored or solid but the kids loved them. The director was thrilled to have caps to give the kids during the winter. Sherry Oklahoma

51. Crochet a rectangle of about 3" by 6". Sew along 2 sides making a sack. Fill with your favority potpourri to make a sachet. The top can either be sewed or weave a piece of yarn around top and pull closed like a drawstring so it can be refilled. These are nice to put in clothing drawers, hang in closets, use as party favors or put in gift boxes.
Thank you so much for your site, I enjoy the information you share with us. Ginger from Ohio

52. Our local wildlife refuge receives approximately 2500 orphaned baby critters each year, all in need of a warm place to live. With my scraps, I crochet baby nests. I make a 10 inch by 20 inch rectangle, fold it in half and crochet up two sides. Since I tend to crochet loosely, I use an "h" hook with the four-ply yarn. The nests don't have to be pretty, I've used up to 5 small balls of left over yarn for one nest. I have literally used up all my scarp yarn and have had to go to the local thrift shop and yard sales to get more.
Yours truly, Donna Lee Rogers

53. I use scrap yarn to make booties for my chair and table legs. I make a tube sock about 4 inches tall and the width of the chair/table leg. I crochet a chain that is attached to the bootie to tie around the leg to keep it up. These are great to prevent scratches on the floor from older furniture. Valarece Long

54. On an item of clothing that is too small, I make yo-yo's using scrap yarn, join them together and sew them in as decoration to make the garmet larger. EX a skirt that is now too tight, I crochet the yo-yo's in the color I need, join them together in a straight line, open the skirt and add the decorative touch down the normal seam. (I am sure a small granny square will have the same effect).

55. Scrap yarn is also great for doll accessories - such as a bed cover for the doll's bed.

56. I have read all of the uses for scrap yarn and one I didn't see there is making pom poms.
You can make them small or medium and use them to decorate almost anything.
If you make a granny square you can sew them in the middle of a square to use.
I attach them to baby booties, hats etc.
It really is easy to do and fun to make them.
Sue Hayesville, NC

57. This is a use for scrap yarn. Make holders that hold small leftover pieces of soap. There are several patterns on the web for these. They use very little yarn and have a very practical use...Pam

58. I had so many scraps they were taking over so I learned platic canvas. I've made lots of things out of scrap yarn. I also if the scrap is really small will crochet a small flower or yoyo then use those to decorate baby dress , sweater, etc. thank you for sharing the Gospel and the Lord with us all.may God richly bless you & yours, Debi in western north carolina

59. Just another use for really small scraps of sock yarn: When I give socks as a gift, I stitch the date of making under the foot, always in a contrasting colour, thanks to my scraps.
Heidrun from Germany

60. I make lots of cute little fridgies, to decorate children's clothing with them. I fasten the fridgies with just a few visible stitches (on the backside), so I can change them from season to season easily and can use them again next year. That makes a designer jeans out of a cheap dull jeans - just having done a Halloween witch, no working on Christmas tidbits.
Heidrun from Germany

61. Next use is letting children "paint" with them. I take a window color picture, make it big on the copier, and the little ones glue the scraps to the picture - that makes really nice presents.
Heidrun from Germany

62. Since I am new to crochet I like to use my old balls of yarn to practice stitches
for a pattern..........then if I get it right I use my new yarn and I don't have to unravel.

63. My grand daughter went to go do her latch-hook and her yarn wasn't in there, so I thot maybe she could use my scraps of yarn. So we sat there for bout an hour and cut all sorts of different colors for her, now she can do her things in colors she's picked out. ** Patty **

64. This isn't exactly just for scraps, just any colors & amounts you want to use. In another group I'm in someone wanted a truck pattern, so I came up with this. I made two rectangles and two squares (any size & color you want), stuffed em with polyfill and four circles for wheels in black and two smaller squares for the windows in white, one on each side. I also did two small chains in black for windshield wipers. Then I cut out from a drawing in a color book a dinosaur from felt and put that on the side with the initial of their last name. It may sound a bit long but truly it was so easy. Have fun! ** Patty in NV **

65. Take a sheet of #7 plastic canvas, and weave any color of yarn through the holes and make a multi-colored placemat. diane p. from ct.

66. I have been making blankets for the local vets office, and for the humane society. I make them about 18 x 18 " , maybe a bit bigger or a tad smaller.They love them for the cages for animals recouping from surgery , or just to keep the cages warm. And they are so thankfull for these little blankets.
Rosa Brown.

67. With scrap yarn I made a towel topper from one of your patterns but did not have a button for closing. I found a one inch rubber washer that is used in a garden hose and crocheted around it for a button also using scrap yarn. I really liked the results. Ginger in Ohio

68. I increased my already large stash last year from garage sales. I have been making small granny squares over the winter, and now joining them for a blanket for the bed. These small squares can be used for colorful scarves, bags, afghans and blankets. Our 2 cats now have their own blankets as well. Thanks, and happy crocheting. Kathie in Ohio

69. Take some nylon net and cut it into strips about 1/2 to 2/3 inch wide and then crochet both the yarn and net into a square of about 3" wide and long. These make great scrubbies for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. An easy way to cut the net is to roll it and then cut off desired width.
Virginia Welch

70. Im not sure if this idea is listed, but i use my scrap yarn to embroider faces on toys, like eyes and mouth!
Olena Goralchuk

71. I start afagans with my scrap yarn ... after I get 10 rows .. I take it to a friend and she adds 10 rows ... she takes it to a friend and they add 10 rows ... the type of yarn changes and types of stiches change also the only rule is the first one to start it has to add a small note with how many stiches were used to start the afagan so it stays the same acrost. This will keep going around untill it is a good size and then comes back to the person that starts it and they take it to the shelter or to someone that needs a warm hug. Very good way to get one done fast. Use up yarn and have fun ..... but most of all help out someone elce Lesa

72. I have acquired several different open glass 'vessels' - urns, flat circles, mason jars-no kidding. I roll left over yarn into several sizes of small balls (sometimes I use loose cut ends to stuff the center if the amount of left over yarn is very small) and stuff them inside for a creative decoration. I have given several as gifts and the people for whom I have crocheted a gift (and have no interest in fibre art themselves) seem the most appreciative - especially is a few scrapes of the yarn match their prior gifts! Ms Lee

73. Last week I cut up a lot of yarn into 6 inch pieces. Then I made wikki stix from them. This is a cool product which teachers love to teach handicapped children in the lower grades. Well, even the other children in grades one and two love to play with them. Some of my grandchildren are getting these as a Christmas gift. Sadie

74. For Scrap Yarns - I've used some for making ties that have fallen out and gotten lost for Hoodies. I crochet a chain and pull it thru. If you don't have the right length, just tie some together, it doesn't always have to be the same color as the hoodie. Nora Lee, GA

75. Scrap yarn can be crocheted into colorful coasters- or napkin rings -or napkin/silverware pockets to use at the picnic table, if you add the napkin ring right onto the pocket and then tack a coaster on to the top every thing is right there for your picnic... Jean in Ohio

76. I crochet balls the size of baseballs and stuff lightly for my grandchildren to play with in the house. They really like bright colors. Purple is the favorite so far.
Rebecca Logan

77. I don't always have the plastic eyes on hand when I'm crocheting a new stuffed animal for my grandchildren so I dip into my scrap yarn pieces and embroider eyes. I can make them any color I choose.
Rebecca Logan

78. I'm not sure how to do it but crocheting a small piece to wrap around the part of your eyeglasses that lies on the bridge of your nose seems like a good idea if your glasses like to slide down.
Rebecca Logan

79. Instead of wearing a chain on your eyeglasses, why not crochet a chain.
Rebecca Logan

80. Crochet 2 chains of yarn (8" - 10" long) and attatch one to each end of your eyeglasses and then tie the ends together in the back of your head in a bow. This could be done in different colors to match your outfit, or your school colors, or in holiday colors such as green for St. Patricks Day, pink and red for Valentines Day....etc. I haven't tried it because I just thought of it. Let your imagination run free!
Rebecca Logan

81. Give you're scrap yarn to someone who loves to crochet but can hardly ever afford new yarn. And maybe just give them some new yarn and keep the old for yourself.
Rebecca Logan

82. Swap some of your scrap yarn with a friend who needs the color of yarn you have. Your friend just might have the color of yarn you need.
Rebecca Logan

83. I don't think I saw where anyone was making flowers. Even a tiny bit of yarn would make a forget me not. These could be put on almost anything. A lap afghan would be awesome for a rest home. I'm going to make pansies for my next package. Thank you for your web sight. I found all the ideas awesome. love Anna

84. Hi. I have a way to use of scrap yarn. Try scrumbling. I just crochet or knit yarn in any crazy shape using no pattern and toss it in a basket. When you have enough made you can use the pieces in so many ways, ex. sewing on to a pocketbook, afghan, sweater design piece, etc. The internet gives lots of ideas.

Pat, New York

85. Hi. I love all your ideas for scrap yarn. I make blankets for my local Veterans Hospital and Homes. The Veterans love the blankets and are just thrilled to see that they get to take them home with them too. The hospitals are always in need. You can call to see if they need lap or full blankets. It’s a great way to thank our heroes for their service. Pat, N.Y.

86. Hi there. I made a scarf out of scrap yarn by using the macramé technique. I used about 6 different colours and it came out wonderfully.

Thank you.
Suzie Janse van Rensburg

87. I adapted this idea from a tip I saw years ago in an embroidery magazine. Save your crochet memories and enjoy a one-of-a-kind holiday ornament at the same time. Go to a hobby store and purchase clear plastic, round ornaments -- the type that twists or snaps apart into two halves. Place snips of your crochet yarn or thread from projects in the ornament, then use paint, glitter and glue or ink to write the year on the outside. To finish, find a decorative ribbon or chain a loop to hang it and -- voila! -- you have an ornament like none other.

Myra McFarland
Fort Wayne, Indiana

88. I use my scrap yarn to make baby rattles. I found a cute little bird pattern that is just a small tube. I add the beak, wings and stitch eyes on (nothing that can be pulled off). I then stuff the little bird part way up. For the rattle part I take two water bottle caps, place a few beads or dry beans in one cap, place the other on top and secure them together with masking tape. I place the "rattler" in the bird and finish stuffing. I crochet a few more rounds and before closing I take a few small pieces of yarn of different colors and place them in the hole on top. I sew the top closed, ensuring the "hair" is sewn in securely. Unravel the hair so it looks all frizzly. Voila! An adorable little birdy rattle. I donate the rattles to the local charity for new moms and babies. They charity gives them away to all the mommies. A great recycling project too! I am a new subscriber from the little big town of Grand Rivers in west Kentucky. Thanks for the patterns and ideas.
Patti Bell

89. I braid lengths of scrap yarn into toys for my cats. I make braids of different lengths and knot four or five together, my cats love to chase and chew on these and the braids don't tangle.
Dori krone





If you know of other uses for scrap yarns email me.


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