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Volume XV, Issue No. 4
February 29, 2012

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RE: V-stitch baby afghan pattern

I am looking for a lost pattern that was published in a womens magazine in 1991. It was a v-stitch baby afghan with a single crochet mitered border. The afghan was featured on the cover of the magazine. I have lost the pattern and need help to find a new copy.
-- Jean



This one from Lion Brand yarn sounds like it:

Gail Brundage


















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Psalm 33:18-22


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Puff Stitch Heart Afghan Square Crochet Pattern


Picot Cross Bookmark Crochet Pattern








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(A different crochet stitch and/or tip featured in each issue...
to be added later to the Crochet Basics page)

(SC DEC a/k/a Sc2Tog)

Insert hook in next st, draw up a lp, (two lps on hk),
insert hook in next st, draw up a lp (3 lps on hook),
YO and draw through all 3 lps.

Watch the video:















"On-line encyclopedia of knitting and crochet facts"


Place a ball of yarn in a bowl or bucket to keep it from rolling away from you as you crochet.










Scrap Yarn Ideas ... do you have number 90?


The following page is compilation of uses for scrap yarns:

If you have a use that's not listed email me!


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RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

Sawyer's Shrug


This is cute, but how do you keep the Schnauzer's fur from getting tangled into knots under the arm pits? I crochet a lot of sweaters for my Schnauzer and have learned the hard way, that anything that goes over the legs and can rub will res...ult in knots. My dog isn't fond of having the knots combed out. I was just curious. The shrug is cute, but I woulod probably not make it because I don't want my dog's fur to knot up.
Tanya Riopel


He doesn't wear it a lot... but I've found that I can keep his arm pits from knotting up if I cut that hair shorter than the rest.

How many men/boys do you think crotchet?
I learned to crotchet and knit from my next door neighbor who is long gone now about 30 years ago.
I just started back crotcheting after a few years away from it and I have always preferred it to knitting.
When I learned the crafts my neighbor told me she knew of quite a few men that crotcheted/knitted.
Of course I think it is a relaxing hobby.
Dale Miller

<< reply >>

So glad you’ve picked up your hook again!

I’ve heard of pro football players knitting and crocheting to
help them relax. I think more men crochet than many may think.

One of which is "the crochet dude", Mr. Drew Emborsky.
He has some wonderful patterns and crochet accessories.

You may be interested in joining this group:

RE: Fisherman Shells

I am fairly new to crocheting and am baffled by the following instructions:

Ch3 (counts as first dc of row) - got this
sc in next dc, work shell around stem of same dc; (Note: To work shell: Insert hook from front to back to front around vertical stem of specified dc; work shell of (sc, hdc, 3 dc around stem) sk 2 dc, in next dc; etc…

What’s confusing me is “Insert hook from front to back to front around vertical stem”

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

<< reply >>

It sounds like a Front Post Double Crochet... you can watch my video here:

What those instructions refer to as a “stem”... I call a “post”.

<< Ann's Reply >>

This is exactly what I needed to know.
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.
God bless you.



Guestbook Comments:

Hello, I really enjoy this web site and I love all of the free patterns. I taught myself to crochet using some of these patterns(the easy ones) and I keep coming back. Thanks for all of the great patterns and also the links to other sites.

Guestbook Comments:
Love seeing all the facebook shares, and checked out your site.
Very nice patterns here, and I love the ones of the dogs.

Guestbook Comments:
Thank you so much for your wonderful free patterns. Being on disability it is so nice to be able to afford to try new patterns as gifts for family and friends. Also, I was wanting to link some of your projects to my Pinterest board but I can't seem to get the images to load so they can see how beautiful they are. It does link back to your page. I think this would be a great way to get more traffic to your pages. Thanks again!
Theresa Miller

<< reply >>

Thank you for signing my Guestbook.
I’m so glad you enjoy Crochnmore.
I’m not sure why the pages don’t “pin” correctly.
Which page were you looking at?
I just followed you on Pinterest.
Here’s my Pinterest:

I managed to pin my website but the rules ask me not to
pin away just to promote myself so I didn’t pin much.

I have been working on this for days and I am doing something wrong on the sides.
The two sides do not look the same. I cannot figure out why I can't end both rows
as row 3. Can you help me? Thanks!
Phyllis Belflower

<< reply >>

See if this video helps:

I re-worded one part of the pattern also:
That might help also.


Guestbook Comments:
I found your site recently and I think it is great, I cannot afford to buy wool and patterns very often so it is good I can get patterns for free, I also enjoy knitting and crocheting for charity.
Elaine Browne

RE: Shamrock Coaster


<< reply >>

hk is hook... just one of my personal abbreviations that I listed by accident.

Note: I have changed "hk" to hook on the pattern page.

Just found your website and wanted to confirm that crochet instructions are
shown for the USA .

Thanks Kate

<< reply >>

Yes, my patterns contain US terms.
I'm in Kentucky, USA.

Re: Question

I am trying to do the bible cover and do have a problem on round 22 as well as the reverse stiches.
Appreciate your help. Thank you for your efforts in providing these beautiful patterns.
Thanks a million...

<< reply >>

You’re very welcome Abi... hope I can clear this up for you.

For round 22 you work two single crochet stitches around the post of each double crochet
along the row ends.

Then work one single crochet in each unworked loop along the foundation chain.

Work two single crochet stitches around the post of each double crochet along the rows ends
on the next side... then join with a slip stitch in the first single crochet on Round 21.
Now chain 1 and do not turn.


Watch this video I did for the edging on our Basketweave Coaster pattern:

at the very first of the video I join the new yarn and then I talk about working single crochet stitches
around the post of each post stitch in the pattern. You do the same thing with the Bible Cover... work
your two single crochet stitches around the post of each double crochet along the row ends.

Working into each unworked loop means you are crocheting into the loop that is left over where
you worked each stitch along the foundation chain.

Round 23 uses the reverse single crochet stitch...
you can watch the Reverse Single Crochet stitch demonstrated in this video:


Subject: help with a pattern

I have enjoyed your patterns online. So pretty. I bought crochet cotton and steel hooks. I wanted to make crocheted cross bookmarks for my church to give out in times of trouble. However I just cannot crochet! I tried repeatedly. Do you know of a knit pattern for a knit cross bookmark? I looked on line and cant find anything but lace bookmarks. I want a cross bookmark. Any help would be so appreciated.


<< reply >>

I found couple of knitted cross bookmark patterns:

If you would like to try crocheting again try this page:

<< Valerie's Reply >>
Good morning, I saw these two earlier but didnt think they were pretty enough. I have been playing with the crochet cotton and number two knitting needles and that feels right so far. I will pay for a knit pattern as long as I can make knitted cross bookmarks for the church with it.

Any contacts or ideas?

<< my reply >>

I finally found a knitted bookmark pattern for purchase:
didn’t realize how scarce those are.

If I ever get good at designing knit patterns I’ll try one.

<< Valerie's Reply >>

Lisa! What a find! I will order one today. Thanks a zillion. I wrote her to see if I can knit some for church. I cant believe you remembered to look for me. If you see anymore, let me know.

Comments on How to Crochet - How to Wind a Yarn Ball:


Would you show us how to find the center pull thread in a new skein of yarn? Sometimes I get go aggravated trying to find that thread and wreck the skein in the process. I prefer to use my thread from the center of the skein but sometimes it isn't worth the hassle!!
When do you wind your yarn from a akein? I tend to only do it after the skein has been used from the center and has gotten "floppy" or loose. Thank you for snaring your experience with us. It is greatly appreciated


thank you so much for this one, Lisa! I have had a real problem using center-pull skeins after I get about 3/4 of the way through the project. The yarn tends to tie itself into knots, Now all I have to do is pause long enough to wind the yarn into a center-pull ball when the skein gets to that point. thanks bunches!



New Video Posted:

How to Crochet - How to Wind a Center Pull Ball of Yarn


Subject: Question PLEASE

Good day to you.

My name is Petro and I am a Senior Citizen, writing to you from South Africa –at the moment it is winter in our Country and really- really very cold!!!

I wonder if I could PLEASE ask you to help me look/find a VERY (OLD FASHIONED) pattern for a LACEY CROCHET SHRUG/BEDJACKET.

The specific pattern I am looking for is very plain type pattern – it is a square crochet piece which is then folded over and sewn under the arms (I think) – I did find a bolero and also a crochet shrug pattern which is done like this – but both is just in a plain crochet pattern.

The one I saw (when visiting someone in hospital) was done in a shell pattern –(used as a bedjacket) done in a square- then folded over and then sewn together under the arms BUT it looks like they then went back and crochet an extra frill, also in shell stitch - around the entire square which then forms a wider fold- over collar piece and then obviously also extends the length of the jacket. The sleeve part also has this extra wide frill crocheted on afterwards which then forms like a bell-type wide frilly sleeve – TOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


I am sure a more proficient chrocheter would be able to do this without a pattern – but I am not THAT good YET!! J

With Thanks and regards,

Petronella Heyns

<< reply >>

This pattern sounds similar to what you described:

Here are a couple more you might enjoy:


RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page


Aww, I'll HAVE to make this for my Ashton Drake baby! TY!
Amy Rudolph
I've made several of these. I even adjusted the pattern for my brother-in-law who wanted one for himself. Just measure the circumference of the person's head and divide by two to get the starting width, and measure from the forhead (about the middle) up and over to the back of the neck to get the length before folding up to sew. With this formula, you can make it for anyone!
Jodi N Scott Mayes


RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

I am looking for a free pattern for a "teddy bed". It is a net that is hung in the corner of the room to hold teddy bears and other stuffed animals. I had a pattern many yrs ago that I made for my daughters now I need one to make for my granddaughters. Please help me if you can.
Liz Woods


Try this pattern:
Thank you. I found that they are no longer called "teddy beds" when I started my search.
Liz Woods


RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

Crochet Tip:
Don't be afraid to try different types of materials. I've crocheted with regular yarn, specialty yarns, fabric, embroidery floss, thread, & rope to name a few. You can create very interesting items when you change the material used in a project.


Besides regular and specialty yarn... I've crocheted little delicate thread butterflies. Made crocheted (and knitted) beaded rope necklaces. I've even crocheted with wire. It makes an interesting bracelet.
I agree. Be fearless!
Dana Armstrong


Cut plastic grocery sacks into loops. Join them together (kind of tie them). Wind up a bunch of them to create a ball. Crochet away! There's a Utube video out ther somewhere!
Walli Osborn Martinez


Walli: I actually have a page on how to prepare the bags... I'll post it for everyone to see.


Just making sure you saw this video about making "plarn":


Tip posted on Google+

Crochet Tip:
For motivation while working on a large project, mark the first stitch each day so you can see how much you've accomplished. This actually motivates me to see just how much I can do each day.


Love that idea, thank you
Alexandra Lopez

RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

One of the many Baby's ABC's Afghans I've made.



I haven't made this one yet, but it's on my to do list.
Carol Rivera- Stive


Have made this for several baby showers. It's always a hit. Not hard to do. One I made I made the letters in pink and the other puff stitch blocks in blue. Took a while, but was very pretty.
Jarra Poe


I've made more of these than I can remember. I'm working on one now in multiple colors... I'll post a picture when I finish.


Wish I had a pictrue of the one I did.
Jarra Poe


I've added written tips to the pattern page for this afghan and included a video link explaining how to read the graph.


This has been on my todo list for so long :/ I really need to make one!
Kath Baer

I made one in yellow for my baby 4 years ago and she hates it. I feel so bad. I'm saving it for one of her kids.
Rebecca O'Brien


RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

Crochet Tip:
Cover a piece of heavy cardboard with checkered fabric to use for blocking crocheted pieces. Pins stick easily in the cardboard, and the checks give an accurate guideline.

Great suggestion!
Peggy Drake

RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

I just realized I can contribute a crochet tip!
My sister and I use empty oatmeal canisters for our yarn when we're
working on a large project. We cut a small hole in the lid and feed the
yarn through there.

Sherry Lynn Tenhundfeld

RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

Cute Crochet Doll

oh keep them coming I have a few little girls that will love these
Lori Corby-Brown
I am going to start making dolls to hand out for Christmas next year . There a lot of names of children on the giving tree . We also make up boxes for shoe box ministries .
Kathy Huff
That's a great idea Kathy Huff!

RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

Crochet Tip: Insert the pattern you are working from in a plastic sheet
protector and use a dry erase marker to mark off the rows completed.

I use a gallon zip lock bag!
Colleen Smith
yep i do that. plus they clip right back in notebook for easy keeping.
Ann Polk Watkins
Same here too Ann and Colleen if I don't have a clear notebook sheet I use a clear Baggie and sometimes Arran wrap
Nancy Grant
The best little gadget I've found is a clicker to keep track of my rows. The plastic sleeve IS a good idea, tho! :0)
Kathy Wefel
Love that!
Walli Osborn Martinez

RE: Post on the Crochetnmore Fan Page

Sugar'n Cream - Back to School Lily Doll (crochet)


oh thank you for sharing this
Lori Corby-Brown
You're welcome Lori... I thought it was cute!
I have already raided my stash to bring her to life gonna let my daughter decide on how i do her hair :DD
Lori Corby-Brown
Love her, thanks
Sherri McLaughlin

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